Twister Tote Pattern correction (older patterns only)

I try really hard to avoid errors through rigorous pattern testing and proofreading, but I do have a pattern correction for the Twister Tote pattern.  I hope this didn’t mess you up:

Twister Tote Pattern – Correction dated 3.31.2014

On the bottom right side of page 5, the illustration shows the lining should be 18-1/2″ high but instead it should be 18″ high.  The lining is slightly smaller than the exterior so that it sits nicely inside the purse instead of bunching up.

Here is the corrected illustration:

Twister Tote pic correction



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  1. Where on the directions does it say to put decor bond in/on pockets?

    • Lisa Amundson says:

      The instructions under the “Interfacing and Interlining” heading on page 2 provide to cut out and fuse the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the fabric pieces. Hope that helps.